But first, confession

One thing my evangelical upbringing taught me, if imperfectly, is that repentance and confession form the basis of all faith. So let me start this endeavor with that.

Dear white evangelical friends, I’m sorry.

I confess my anger and disillusion with you. I confess my judgment and lack of empathy.

I confess I have become everything I have decried in you, in my arrogance, my certainty of my rightness, my speaking instead of listening, my strident tone and cold heart.

I have serious issues with you, especially in this time. I do believe you’ve wandered far from the Gospel.

But I recognize and accept that’s how you feel about me.

I recognize and accept you may have a point.

And ultimately, I am not morally responsible for you or your faith. I am responsible for mine.

So while I will speak the truth as I see it, I endeavor to do so with love and respect.

I know I haven’t always loved and respected you.

I will no doubt err on that side again, and I will need to ask your forgiveness.

So, now let’s talk.

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