And The Word Stayed on the Page

You quote me chapter and verse

As if I’ve never read them.

You can tell me with confidence

What God thinks of my sin.

You dish out the condemnation

Like hot apple pie

But only your piece tastes sweet.

I’m a problem

A category

A person to manage



The Lord’s table isn’t open

To people like me.

You say this with authority

But you’re not even the host.

But the church has to have standards

You say.

Set beliefs

Doctrinal purity.

Or what is it?

You ask.

Maybe a place of love and acceptance?

Maybe a place of mercy and forgiveness?

I know, crazy ideas.

The Bible has more to say about those.

About helping the needy

Seeking justice for the oppressed

Gathering the marginalized.

When was someone excommunicated

For not serving the poor?

When was someone interrogated

For being judgmental and unkind?

Jesus had more to say about

Clanging symbols and Pharisees

The sin of people

Outraged by healing on the Sabbath

Than he did about mine.

The gay divorcee

The gay man whose family has disowned him

The trans girl who is bullied to death

Do you think this is some kind of fun trend?

Some new shoes we bought on sale?

Do you think we are frivolously and flippantly

Risking everything

For kicks.

You didn’t see us cry out to God for deliverance.

Day after day

Year after year.

Nothing happened.

Nothing changed.

The promised miracles never arrived.

You don’t know the relief when we finally gave up.

God, I’m tired, I’m sorry, I can’t.

I know you, I made you, I love you.

Just as you are.

I always have.

That’s it. That’s the miracle.

We have found a God full of love and grace.

But we have found you empty and cold.

But the Bible tells us so.

Is that so.

Is that so.

The word became flesh, you know.

It didn’t just sit quietly on the page.

It walks and moves and loves

In real time and space.

Ever forward, ever onward

Amongst real people

People who don’t fit

People who try

People who fail

Gorgeous, strange, imperfect people.

Won’t you join us?

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