What I’m learning from Trans Christian Twitter

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

First of all, there is a Trans Christian Twitter.
They aren’t all Christians anymore.
There’s a reason for that.
It isn’t that they haven’t tried.
It’s that they’ve been tried.

My efforts and excuses are lame.

They are unique individuals
Just like we all are.
Some are hysterically funny.
Some are incredibly fragile.
Some have hearts like a giant, cozy blanket.
All of them are brave.
They have to be brave.
They show me I can be brave.

I don’t often have to be.

They love each other fiercely,
In this culture of belligerent individualism,
They know the awesome power of community.
Like a hurricane in reverse
That builds and bolsters
Instead of bulldozes.

I know very little about community.

They are beautiful and handsome
Stylish and studious
They sparkle and shine.
They are rare gems
That are more common than I thought.
They have cracked a code
That’s invisible to me.

I have no idea how to apply eye makeup.

Whether or not they still believe,
I think they understand Jesus.
Why he came,
Who he came for,
What he did around here.
They know what it is to be rejected
By the self-appointed judges of the day.
They know what it means to rise again.
To be reborn.

I have been a self-appointed judge of my day.

They are not inconvenient.
They are not dangerous.
They are not confused.
They are not confusing.
They don’t have an agenda.
They don’t demand you understand.
They just want you to try.
To listen.
To believe them.
To allow them to be
The gift that they are.

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