Stuck in a Moment

One of the things about the faith of my upbringing I most resent is the obsession with a moment of conversion.  A specific time of decision, the beginning of faith, when you say the Sinner’s Prayer, and magically, you are saved.  Your life turns around, and you are forever changed.   This view of thingsContinue reading “Stuck in a Moment”

My version of a marriage seminar

Our last conservative/evangelical church–which honestly, is still a wonderful, beautiful community, we meant no disrespect by leaving, and I mean none by what I will write here–was comprised of mainly young, urban professionals, most of them single. The married couples were generally newlyweds, and there weren’t many kids. Most people moved out to the suburbsContinue reading “My version of a marriage seminar”

The Sunday Saints

I can love the broken They pour themselves out Like a wild waterfall Strange and off-putting But sticky and present I can drink in Something so quivering and substantive They apologize for themselves With each breath It’s easy to forgive. I can love the abject failures They can’t hide They can’t judge They can’t alienateContinue reading “The Sunday Saints”