A Whole Herd of Stripe-Less Zebras

As you may have noticed, I’m rather fond of a lovely little corner of the political media called The Bulwark. To the point where I am now doing parodies of one of their podcasts (simulcast on YouTube).  And just to preview/warn you, this post is gonna be a journey. The lengths I will go to demonstrate that I am not just reallyContinue reading “A Whole Herd of Stripe-Less Zebras”

Taking Candy From A Dictator

I almost started a political riot by doing the bunny ears.   For those under 40, the bunny ears were an ancient ancestor of the photo bomb, and you’ll still see old and/or really socially awkward people doing it on occasion.  You make a “V” with your index and middle finger, then surreptitiously put yourContinue reading “Taking Candy From A Dictator”