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Now What?

Things are afoot in Christian America, by the numbers, but also anecdotally. I have increasing numbers of friends who were raised evangelical but are now disillusioned with that culture. They are asking a lot of questions, reconsidering their beliefs, reexamining things.  This is a cultural phenomenon big enough to have a name–“deconstruction.” It has acceleratedContinue reading “Now What?”

I have a problem with hell

Among the things you aren’t supposed to say as an evangelical is that you really, really hope there is not a hell. But I really, really hope there is not, if I’m being honest. Hell is the centerpiece of evangelical faith. It’s why you become a Christian, to get out of hell. It’s why JesusContinue reading “I have a problem with hell”

Where are you from?

I don’t know where to start. I hate the very question. I am a run-away balloon floating out of sight. I am a puff of dandelion seeds. I am a dust cloud that will soon dissipate into nothing. My home is a bubble that burst long ago. My tribe is a diaspora of ghosts. MyContinue reading “Where are you from?”

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