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Yes, And

I just had yet another interaction with an angry, bitter ex-evangelical. In this case, telling those of us who endeavor to remain followers of Christ we are stupid and wrong. And, look, I get it. You know I’ve written extensively about my doubts about this entire faith thing, my lack of faith, my annoyance atContinue reading “Yes, And”

How to Friend, Part Two

If you didn’t read Part One, go do that now, otherwise you’re gonna be like, “Who is this Staun and why do I care about what she is saying.” OK thanks. Me: So, Staun, let’s start with the big picture. Do you have a strategy or a philosophy of friendship? Staun: I don’t know ifContinue reading “How to Friend, Part Two”

How to Friend, Part One

Our culture pretty much worships the romantic relationship. It is topic of millions of hit songs, movies, books. The dating industry is bigger than the economies of some small countries. Weddings are billed as the pinnacle of life. (However, Dateline NBC almost exclusively tells stories of people murdered by their romantic partners, and the podcastContinue reading “How to Friend, Part One”

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