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Cultural Appropriation

I have inexplicably become a late-in-life artist (well, a person who makes what I call art). It started during COVID with a lot of free time and accumulated stacks of African fabric. I remembered the beautiful collage paintings I had seen on a recent trip to Tanzania and arrogantly thought, I’m gonna try that. In…

What football means to me

Yes, I know, football is violent. Many of its personalities are very badly behaved. The culture is pretty sexist. The coaching tree is pretty racist. There’s a lot to hate. But. I LOVE FOOTBALL. This was not always the case. Growing up in Kenya, there was no football. There was rugby, but honestly I preferred…

Repentance for 5-Year-Olds

With the enraging news that Johnny Hunt, who has been credibly accused of sexual assault, is once again headlining a conference and has been “cleared” for ministry by a group of SB pastors–not to mention various other folks out there on repentance tours–I felt like maybe folks needed a little tutorial on repentance. Just fair…

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