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You are that man

You told me non-Christians were the problem. You told me Christians were always better. You taught me to look for the fish on the sign to know a business wouldn’t cheat me. You bought me Christian music and books and movies. You sent me to Christian schools and did Christian work and did all theContinue reading “You are that man”

Thoughts on Death

How’s that for a cheery title? I was going to write about the report on the cover up of sexual abuse in the Southern Baptist Convention, but I thought death would be more of a pick-me-up on a Monday morning…. I’ll have more to say later about the SBC report, which is absolutely unsurprising andContinue reading “Thoughts on Death”

They Know Not What They Do

Easter has come and gone since the last time I posted, and like Christmas/Advent, my Easters are often tinged with disappointment and discomfort, as I struggle to believe and to feel the joy and certainty of so many Christians I see around me. “HE IS RISEN!” they say and post on social media, in everyContinue reading “They Know Not What They Do”

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