Cultural Appropriation

I have inexplicably become a late-in-life artist (well, a person who makes what I call art). It started during COVID with a lot of free time and accumulated stacks of African fabric. I remembered the beautiful collage paintings I had seen on a recent trip to Tanzania and arrogantly thought, I’m gonna try that. InContinue reading “Cultural Appropriation”

What football means to me

Yes, I know, football is violent. Many of its personalities are very badly behaved. The culture is pretty sexist. The coaching tree is pretty racist. There’s a lot to hate. But. I LOVE FOOTBALL. This was not always the case. Growing up in Kenya, there was no football. There was rugby, but honestly I preferredContinue reading “What football means to me”

Repentance for 5-Year-Olds

With the enraging news that Johnny Hunt, who has been credibly accused of sexual assault, is once again headlining a conference and has been “cleared” for ministry by a group of SB pastors–not to mention various other folks out there on repentance tours–I felt like maybe folks needed a little tutorial on repentance. Just fairContinue reading “Repentance for 5-Year-Olds”

It’s Not Good To Be King

 After the people saw the sign Jesus performed, they began to say, “Surely this is the Prophet who is to come into the world.”  Jesus, knowing that they intended to come and make him king by force, withdrew again to a mountain by himself. –John 6:14-15 (NIV) The older I get the more I overthink things. Parenting, ofContinue reading “It’s Not Good To Be King”

Yes, And

I just had yet another interaction with an angry, bitter ex-evangelical. In this case, telling those of us who endeavor to remain followers of Christ we are stupid and wrong. And, look, I get it. You know I’ve written extensively about my doubts about this entire faith thing, my lack of faith, my annoyance atContinue reading “Yes, And”

How to Friend, Part One

Our culture pretty much worships the romantic relationship. It is topic of millions of hit songs, movies, books. The dating industry is bigger than the economies of some small countries. Weddings are billed as the pinnacle of life. (However, Dateline NBC almost exclusively tells stories of people murdered by their romantic partners, and the podcastContinue reading “How to Friend, Part One”

What Makes the Church Uniquely Corruptible

I’ve known one (almost certain) murderer in my life, and he was a missionary. I won’t go into the details here–the case was never subject to any legal system, and therefore there is no way to prove it–but it was widely assumed in my circles that he was indeed guilty of that crime. It’s notContinue reading “What Makes the Church Uniquely Corruptible”

You are that man

You told me non-Christians were the problem. You told me Christians were always better. You taught me to look for the fish on the sign to know a business wouldn’t cheat me. You bought me Christian music and books and movies. You sent me to Christian schools and did Christian work and did all theContinue reading “You are that man”